About Us

With more than 30 years of experience, Gemel Precision Tool Company, Inc. is a leader in the manufacturing of tooling for every pharmaceutical blister packaging machine. Our customers rely on us for our OEM quality, on-time delivery, and very competitive pricing. We unconditionally guarantee all of our tooling and always have an open ear for our customer’s special needs. We are proud to be a full-service manufacturer.

Key Personnel:

Klaus Gehlert: President
Ernie Gehlert: Executive Vice President
John Connor: Engineering-Design
Jack Waitz: Engineering-Design
James Cochran: Technical Sales


Our facilities include over 24,000 sq ft of manufacturing, engineering, and office space all under one roof. Our employees work with state of the art equipment including: CNC vertical and horizontal milling machines, CNC grinder, CNC sinker EDM, and self threading wire EDM machines.

All of our designs are done with AutoCAD and or SolidWorks. Our computers are networked for quick and reliable access to the archived information.


  • Thermoform and cold form tooling: forming and sealing tools, guide rails, perforation and cutting dies, fill controls, and cartoner parts
  • Tooling sets for all Uhlmann thermoform machines, including 1000 series
  • Vibratory Product Infeed with Hopper
  • Feeders: dedicated, flood and gravity
  • Gemel Feed Systems GFS II, innovative dedicated feeder with 300 mm fill area
  • Gemel Feed Systems GFS II-XL, innovative dedicated feeder with 600 mm fill area
  • Rotary and platen pouch tooling with feeders
  • Aylward™, Simtab™, ElectroMec™, and SyPro™ feeder change parts
  • Empty Capsule Eliminator (E.C.E.)
  • Vacuum transfer systems
  • Mr. Deblister Jr™ - Only half the size of the original Mr. Deblister™, the Jr. is capable of removing product from blister cards at speeds up to 50 blister cards per minute
  • Mr. Deblister JR-XL™: Same as Jr. but can handle large bingo type cards
  • Mr. Deblister™ Product Recovery System: our original deblister machine is now mainly used as a H.U.D. splitter to cut cards into individual pieces and strips
  • CapAway 50™ High Speed Debottler: capable of debottling at speeds in excess of 50 bottles per minute
  • Product Lifts from TBM

All of Gemel's products conform to CE certification requirements


  • Complete in-house engineering
  • Repair, maintenance, and modification of existing tooling
  • Mechanical and electrical installation of all our equipment
  • OEM flood feeder conversions to American motors with vari-speed control
  • Complete package layout and design, including child resistant blister cards and Alu-Alu cards
  • 3-D printing & rapid prototyping capabilities including Objet EDEN 260V

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"If You Need a Machine and Don't Buy It, Then You Will Find You Have Paid For It, But Don't Have It"
- Henry Ford