Empty Capsule Eliminator

Developed in 1982

The Empty Capsule Eliminator (E.C.E) is an economical method for the removal of empty, broken or separated capsules. The construction consists of 3 main parts: collection chamber, vacuum head, and exit chute.

The E.C.E. can be mounted on the discharge point of filling machines, capsule polishers, or any inline production equipment, prior to packaging. It requires 80 PSI (5.5 bar) line pressure of which it only uses a 22 PSI (1.5 bar) regulator setting for a "0" size capsule.

The E.C.E can run in conjunction with either transport systems, metal detectors, or our Mr. Deblister™ Product Recovery Systems.

Some other features include:

  • Hard Coated and Anodized Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • GMP design for easy disassembly and cleaning
  • No moving parts to wear out
  • Production rate 120,000 capsules per hour
  • Filter, regulator, and pressure gage included
  • Over 500 in use
  • Built in the USA

Actual dimensions:
4" w x 7" d x 20" h, weight: 10 lbs

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